July 2011

Tribute Show Promises to Be a Thriller

Summit Group Event Services wants to rock with you. The Colorado-based company is introducing corporate America to a Michael Jackson tribute show that combines classic songs with lighting and visual effects from nine types of CHAUVET® fixtures.

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Michael Jackson tribute
MVP™ 12 MVP™ 18 MVP™ 37.5

A Trio of Modular
Video Panels

Three new modular video panels in three resolutions. All are semi transparent, versatile, easy to configure and road-worthy.

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CHAUVET® Sponsors Academy of Production

CHAUVET® Sponsors Academy of Production Technology Class

Three-day seminars dedicated to the advancement of education and safety in the live event production industry led by Richard Cadena.

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Q-Wash™ 260-LED

Punchy, Fast
Q-Wash™ 260-LED

Punch through most environments with the super fast, compact, aerial wash moving head featuring 37 high-powered RGB LEDs and a tight 6-degree beam.

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Houston City HallHouston City Hall

Houston, We Have LED Lights

Sixty-four COLORado™ 6p wash lights have been strategically placed on the exterior of Houston City Hall. The tiered building, which is a city block wide and 11 floors.

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TechTalk: Troubleshooting made easy

Troubleshooting is a critical skill we all need to have, not only in the field, but in the shop as well. I've broken down steps to take to help make this process a breeze. The key to fast and easy troubleshooting is to break down the system to its simplest components to see what actually works.

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TechTalk - Mike Graham
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