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Freedom™ Par RGBA


Freedom™ Par RGBA, the next generation in the 100% true wireless Freedom™ series, features 10mm LEDs for a tighter beam, battery power and an integrated D-Fi™ 2.4GHz wireless DMX system. The addition of amber LEDs provides an increased color spectrum, while a lightweight, rechargeable lithium-ion battery powers the unit for up to 8 hours. Controllable in up to five sections, the hinged LED array focuses light by angling the face of the unit. For simple operation when wireless DMX isn't needed, easy "point and shoot" operation is achieved with the IRC (Infrared Remote Control).

• 100% TRUE wireless, battery-operated, RGBA LED Par with built-in D-Fi™ 2.4GHz wireless control 
• Includes amber LEDs for mixing rich colors and pastels
• Master/slave wirelessly using D-Fi 2.4 GHz with other Freedom™ fixtures for a coordinated light show
• Create coordinated light shows by linking other Freedom™ fixtures in master/slave mode
• Set up and tear down in a fraction of the time by eliminating the need for DMX or power cables
• Convenient wireless control using D-Fi™ 2.4GHz or IRC remote  
• Send and receive wireless DMX signals with the built-in D-Fi™ 2.4GHz transceiver
• Extended run time of up to 20 hours with the rechargeable, lithium-ion battery 
• Achieve pristine color mixing with 180 RGBA LED (46 red, 42 green, 46 blue and46 amber)
• Wireless control of sectional, eye-catching chase effects via DMX or IRC (Infrared Remote Control)
• Extend the battery’s life span with built-in discharge protection
• Shine light where it is needed using the adjustable tilting head
• Access built-in, eye-catching automated and sound-activated programs via wireless DMX, IRC, or master/slave mode
• Functions as a D-Fi™ 2.4GHz receiver or transmitter to transmit wireless DMX to any D-Fi™ 2.4GHz receiver fixture including other Freedom™ Par RGBA, Freedom™ Par Quad-5, Freedom™ Strip Mini RGBA and Freedom™ Strip Mini Quad-5 fixtures
• IRC remote provides wireless non-DMX control
• Easily connects to Freedom™ Par and Freedom™ Strip Mini using backward compatibility mode 
• Enhance light shows with adjustable electronic strobe and dimmer effects
• Compact design easily fits inside sticks of TRUSST®
• Easily charge, store and transport your fixtures from gig to gig in the Freedom™ Charge P

• DMX Channels: 4 or 5
• DMX Connectors: 3-pin
• Light Source: 180 (46red, 42 green, 46 blue,46 amber) 0.25W (20mA) LEDs 50,000hrs
• Beam Angle: 15°
• Field Angle: 24°
• Operating Frequency: 2.433 - 2.481GHz
• Illuminance: 1,390lux @ 2m 
• Maximum Run Time (all on): up to 8hrs 
• Maximum Run Time (single color): up to 20hrs
• Recharge Time: 6hrs
• Power Linking: 16 units @ 120V; 25 units @ 230V 
• Input Voltage: Auto-ranging 100-240VAC 50/60Hz               
• Power and Current: 71W, 0.6A @ 120V 60Hz  
• Power and Current: 94W, 0.4A @ 230V 50Hz 
• Weight: 8.2lbs (3.7kg)
• Size: 9.3 x 8.5 x 8.8in (236 x 215 x 223mm)
• Included Controllers: IRC (Infrared Remote Control)
• Approvals: CE, FCC

Specifications subject to change without notice.

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