Hurricane™ 1300


The Hurricane™ Series Foggers provide the quality, performance and innovation for which CHAUVET® is known. All come with generous-capacity tanks and quick heat-up for water-based Fog Juice™ and Platinum Fog Fluid to fill a venue within minutes.

• Compact fog machine emits thick bursts of water-based fog to fill a venue within minutes
• Features a 3.3L tank capacity and quick, 5-minute heat up time for an output of 20,000cfm
• Easily control using the manual fog button or included, timer remote
• Enhance operation and safety with the LED-illuminated tank, low-fluid indicator and automatic shutdown feature
• Optional wireless remote (FC-W)
• Tank Capacity: 0.9gal (3.3l)
• Remote Length: 15ft (4.5m)
• Heat-up Time: 5min
• Output: 20,000cfm
• Fluid Consumption: 125ml/min
• Input Voltage: 120VAC 60Hz or 230V 50Hz
• Power and Current: 1,328W, 11.2A @ 120V 60Hz
• Power and Current: 1,300W, 5.7A @ 230V 50Hz
• Weight: 16.8lbs (7.6kg)
• Size: 16.7 x 12.5 x 12in (425 x 317 x 306mm)
• Approvals: CE

Specifications subject to change without notice.

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