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Rock Opera Comes Alive with CHAUVET®

June 13, 2012

Baltimore, Md. – Baltimore Rock Opera Society, or BROS, recently performed its latest production entitled "Valhella" at the Autograph Playhouse in Baltimore. As an all-volunteer operation, BROS has a modest budget, but this did not stop the creative minds behind "Valhella" from pulling out all the stops for a ‘face-melting’ show. Incorporating 14 CHAUVET® DJ fixtures, most of which are from the personal inventory of Lighting Designer Chris Allen of Red Eye Audio and Lighting, added a rock-n-roll flair that complemented the overall production of custom-made puppets and stage pieces.

Selected not only for their value, but for their flexibility as well, the CHAUVET® DJ fixtures accented the all-ellipsoidal front lighting’s three major looks with subtle changes, without changing the scene or overall mood. During the battle scenes, the color fades and chases of the fixtures created a “rock spectacle”, which is precisely the effect Allen was looking to achieve.

Positioned overhead were two COLORstrip™ linear wash lights while two COLORstrip™ Mini provided side light—both “offered versatility without taking up space”.  Four SlimPAR™ 64 par-style wash lights served as back lighting and generated “rich, bright, beautiful expressive color with chases and strobe effects”. For the aforementioned battle scenes, two Sweeper™ LED effect lights—angled down, spreading beams over the stage—and two 4PLAY™ wash light systems—projecting beams from behind trees—were employed after the stage was “fogged up real good” from an Arena™ 2100 Flex fog machine and Hurricane™ Haze 2D hazer.

“LED lights were a huge consideration,” said Allen, “The Autograph does not have central a/c and the 300-seat space gets hot quick. The CHAUVET® fixtures can run without using a ton of power, are compact and save space—particularly above the stage. It was a blast to watch and a blast to do. All aspects of the production were spot on and creatively satisfying.”

Gear List
2 x COLORstrip™
2 x COLORstrip™ Mini
4 x SlimPAR™ 64
2 x Sweeper™ LED
2 x 4PLAY™
Arena™ 2100 Flex
Hurricane™ Haze 2D
Photographs courtesy of Heather Keating
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