LED Lights Keep Terror Lively

October 31, 2010



Green Bay, Wis. – A haunted tradition in Green Bay, Terror on the Fox, has been scaring audiences for the last 14 years. Each year the team behind the attraction not only strives to outdo the year prior, but they also use CHAUVET® fixtures to add some eerie color washes to the attraction’s house, updating their gear every year as well. To date, all the LED fixtures used to uplight the façade are CHAUVET®. It also features some blacklights and a couple of lasers employed during the courtyard performance. 

When you buy a ticket to the annual attraction on the Fox River, located on the property of the National Railroad Museum, you are taken by train car to the middle of the woods. Once there, you walk down a path towards a low stone wall surrounding a spooky looking house and its courtyard. It’s during this wait to go inside the house that visitors are treated to a performance of dancing zombies with accompanying lasers, lights and fog adding to the mood.

“There are about 24 songs, in a full two-hour loop,” said Jason Fassl, lighting director for the last seven seasons of Terror on the Fox and owner of AntiShadows, “and my goal was to make the programming as tight and as crisp as I could. The CHAUVET® lights are fantastic in their response to this.”

 Fassl programmed the show on a Hog II PC which is then “fired” via Time-Code. The attention to the show’s length and detail serve the attraction well. The wait to enter can be as long as two hours. This has not deterred attendance to the attraction over its 14-year run. In a season, which is only five weeks in October, the attraction is seen by nearly 30,000 people. A portion of the proceeds are donated to The Green Bay Preble Optimists.

“Every year we get our inspiration from movies and other sources,” said Mike Parpovich, manager of Terror on the Fox. “It’s all about illusion and the theater behind it. And our other inspiration comes from the fact the haunted house benefits local charities. We’ve raised approximately $750,000 for the area and its youth programs.”

  Gear list:
11 x LEDsplash™ 200B
6 x LED PAR 38-18 B/C
5 x LED Techno Strobe RGB
2 x LED PAR 38-18 UV
2 x Scorpion™ Scan

Images by Mystique Imagery


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